Sherri A Eley
1 min readApr 20, 2021


Derrik Chauven is guilty but the guilt goes far beyond him.

I took no pleasure in watching Chauvin being handcuffed and marched out of that courtroom. I am sad for him and his family. The culture of racism has always been how we roll here, and the real crime is not teaching our children that all humans deserve respect and fair treatment.

However I was raised in a home where the N WORD was never uttered. Yet I Have watched my sister become a staunch conservative and make excuses for the violence that has been delivered to people of color. She has lived in the South most of her adult life and I Believe she has been influenced by the rampant racism in those states. That and her allegiance to FOX News.

But the bottom line I believe is her lack of curiosity to hear both sides of an issue, something i believe is common in the conservative mind set. She is willing to hear one side, and that is Fox News side. So she is brainwashed in my opinion to the facts and the truth. Fox News should be shut down. It is not a news outlet it is a propaganda arm of the conservatives party. They have lied and mislead millions of people in this country. They should be charged with brainwashing an entire segment of the electorate.

SAdly this is the way most Fox News devotees view the world. Through the racists', misogynistic, conservative mindset of FOX NEWS.