Mitch does not disappoint

Amazing how the Republicans show their colors. When thecre was a threat to sexual predator Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the senate immediatly moved on a bill to have armed guards protect the justices. Now I don’t have a problem with this, but lets give the children in this country the same consideration.

NO movement on gun control issues; No suggestions that Kavanaugh should board up all the doors in his house but one; No suggestion that we arm his wife and children so they are the good guys with the guns. Because we certainly can’t be certain that Brett is a good guy.

WE are under minority rule in this country. When 90% of voters want gun control addressed, and our elected representatives do not even try to do anything, then we need to eliinate these people from our government. The only legal way I know of doing it is to show up and vote them out. And even that is not a sure thing with all the shady things going on in the GOP. ;with votig rights.



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