Politicizing dead children.

Sherri A Eley
1 min readJun 8, 2022

The right accuses gun reform advocates of politicizing the victims of mass shootings. Just how does wanting to keep children safe become a political issue that some cannot support.

After looking at the money that the Repulicans in congress in my state ( OH) took from the NRA it becomes clear, it’s all about the money.

Jim JOrdan, my reprehensible representative. Loves to talk about politicizing on the left of any issue he doesn’t agree with. He even goes into the schools to propagandize the students. He covered up the sexual predation that went on at OSU, while he was a student and then a coach. He doesn’t represent one thing I believe in, but he is unbeatable in OH. Mainly because the Republican statehouse has gerrymandered districts so blatentlhy that the Ohio Supreme Court has sent back their maps five times because they favor Republicans … But they persist and they remain in power.

I have lost all hope that this Democracy will stand.