I can’t help wondering IF and WHEN, Trump is finally committed to a long term care facility for his dementia, will his unwavering supporters both in government and out be ashamed of themselves?

But we were fooled for years by the Reagan administration. As Ronnie napped through cabinet meetings he was protected by his loyal supporters. The key point here of course, while he was protected the American public was not. So in the end we probably will never see Trump hauled away in a straight jacket to a padded room.

Cetainly the people close to him, Ivanka, Eric, and Jr. have to see the decline in their father’s mental health. But they are so consumed with retaining power they hide it. I think the entire Trump family should be banished from ever participating in normal society, philanthropic endeavors , and public office.

The Republican party has much culpability as well. They are now a minority party, and can only hold on to power by cheating; gerrymandering voting districts and purging voters from the roles who are likely to support Democrats.

Whatever the founding fathers had in mind for the Republic, I can’t believe this is what they envisioned for the future of the United States.



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