Woe to the Dems. they lost in Virigina and only squeeked by in NJ.

I think the media is making a lot of noise about nothing over the last election.

WE all know that it is common place for the party of the white house to lose in the mid terms. We all hoped that people had learned a thing or two from the reign of the Republians for the previous 4 years and even back into the Obama years.

I think Terry McCauliff did not run a good campaign. He let Gelnn Younkin set the stage and tell all those lies and blow the dog whistle on the fake Critical Race Theory Issue. But this is the problem I see with the Democratic party, they do not fight back. They give the voting public too much credit. I think they believe that the voters are smart enough to sift through the lies and see the truth. Obviously after Trump and MAGA, this is not the case.

So we have time to get our act together, I just don’t know if we can or will do it. WE have decided to take the high road, and when the other party fights in the gutter, sometimes you have to get down there and confront them.

I am not a political analyst, but common sense tells me if we just get out there and speak to the people who used to vote Dem and have been bamboozled by the Republican party, we could send the Repugs home with their tails between their legs. As it is now the longer we vote them in, the more control they get, the more bad policy they push and adopt and before long a Dem will not have a snowball’s chance in hell to win a national election.

I personally do not want to live in a contry that is Run by Republicans. I have seen Handmaiden’s Tale, thank you and I did not like it. Texas has already started on that path and the southern states are following suite. Here in OH the Republican majority in the statehouse would like nothing better than to rescind a woman’r right to choose.

The only bright spot I see in my state, is here in LIma, in a known conservative conclave, a woman was elected mayor on Tuesday. A Black woman at that. The mayoral race is supposed to be a non partisan office, but the curent mayor a known Democrat had been in office for 8 terms. And his chief of staff just was eleted to his position as he is retiring. A lawyer with government experience locally and in another state. She has a law degree and is weill qualifed for the job.

A good example of how the Republican party thinks… is their candidate for the office. A woman with no government experience who lived out of state for most of her adult life, and only recently returned and lives with her mother in Lima. She was soundly defeated, and if they had run a more palatable candidate I think they would have won. This is an extremely conservative area, and I cannot find a like minded person on my street. Let alone at the gym or in the coffee shop. WE are in the minority here, and we are represented by Gym Jordan. :”Nuff said”



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